What Is ZoningCheck?

ZoningCheck is a tool that makes it easier to understand how the zoning code impacts a particular land use. Many cities provide a general zoning map; ZoningCheck provides a customized zoning map for each land use, by showing where the land use will be permitted, conditionally permitted, or prohibited.

How does it work?

ZoningCheck leverages a geospatial rules engine to calculate zoning clearances for a single land use across all of the zoning districts (and zoning overlays). ZoningCheck also calculates use-specific requirements (like whether a restaurant will serve alcohol, or whether a bakery will have a retail space), which can change the base clearance. By wrapping these calculations in a beautiful user interface, ZoningCheck provides an intuitive guide to complex zoning regulations.

Is it accurate?

The data in ZoningCheck is imported directly from the city's municipal code and GIS resources, but we can't guarantee that our results are 100% accurate. We encourage users to consult with their local Planning Department when they're ready to move forward with a project.

Does it cost money?

ZoningCheck is priced based on the population of the city. Please inquire to bring ZoningCheck to your jurisdiction.

Who's behind this project?

ZoningCheck is brought to you by the friendly folks at Open Counter Enterprises Inc. which builds the OpenCounter economic development and permitting suite. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs navigate complex government regulations and stay in compliance. We built ZoningCheck as a deep-dive into the zoning clearance determination, which is often the first step in the business permitting process (and a step that trips up many entrepreneurs).

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